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Tips for Inspecting Your Garage Doors

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In order to keep your garage doors working properly and avoid the need for garage door repair, you should inspect your garage doors carefully every few months. Newer garage doors require much less maintenance than older doors, but regardless of the age of your doors, you should get into the habit of inspecting them for wear and tear. By working with a company to do minor garage door repair in Houston, you can prevent larger problems with your doors down the line. Check out some tips for inspecting garage doors below.

Check to See If Any Garage Door Parts Need to Be Lubricated
Does your garage door squeak every time you open or close it? This is an indication that it needs lubrication. Many newer garage doors have self-lubricated parts on them, but there are metal rollers, hinges, tracks, and more that can benefit from lubrication. You can avoid garage door repair by simply lubricating your garage door’s parts on a regular basis.

Examine the Rubber Seal on the Bottom of Your Garage Door
The seal located at the bottom of your garage door is there to protect your garage from the elements. Over time, it can harden or sustain damage as a result of your garage door closing too quickly. Take a look at it occasionally to see whether or not it needs to be replaced. Replacing your rubber seal will cost you around $100, but it will save you money on energy costs and keep your garage more comfortable.

Test Your Garage Door’s Sensors
The sensors on your garage door are designed to open it back up if it ever senses something in the path of the door when it’s being closed. You should make sure these sensors work when you first have residential garage door installation done and then test them periodically to ensure that they’re still working the way they should.

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