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Understanding Garage Door Safety Features

overhead doors HoustonYour garage door may be one of your favorite features of your home because of its beautiful design, but it serves a variety of practical purposes in addition to boosting your curb appeal. Fortunately, it also comes with a range of safety features that are designed to keep you and your family safe. Read on if you are interested in understanding garage door safety features.

Keeping the Family Safe
The garage door serves a multitude of different functions, but perhaps the most important is keeping your family safe. Between criminals and severe weather, there are many factors that can threaten the health and comfort of your family. Fortunately, your garage door places itself in between your family and these dangers, always waiting and ready to protect. While the garage door has such an important safety role, it also poses a threat to your family in itself; this is why it has safety features built in. These safety features can save your door and maybe even a life.

Auto Reversal and Motion Detector
One of the most important safety features a garage door can have is auto reversal. Your garage door may close automatically, but it could be hazardous if something was in its path; this is where auto reversal comes in. This safety feature notifies the door of an obstruction and reverses its course. This feature works hand in hand with a motion detector, which sends a beam across the floor to ensure that no object is in the garage door’s path.

Working with a Professional
If you want to make sure that your garage door safety features remain in top condition, it helps to work with a professional. A garage door pro can inspect your door and make sure that its components are in working order.

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