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Keeping Your Family Safe Around Your Garage Door

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For many families, the garage door is a primary point of entry and exit to and from the home. While garage doors offer great convenience, they can also pose safety issues if they are not properly operated and maintained. If you are the parent of young children, it is essential to teach your kids the essentials of staying safe around garage doors. A contractor offering overhead door repair in Houston can ensure that the moving parts of your garage door are in safe working order, throughout the years and seasons. Here is a closer look at some tips for keeping your family safe around your garage door.

Set Garage Rules
In order to keep your family safe around your garage door, it is important to set rules regarding the use of your garage doors and garage space. For example, you should instruct your children to never play near an open garage door. Additionally, children should also never run under a garage door when it is in operation.

Keep The Garage Remote Secure
Garage remotes allow users to easily open and close garage doors. When a garage door remote gets into the hands of a young child, this could create a safety hazard. For your peace of mind, you should make sure that your garage door remote is safely out of reach at all times.

Practice Proper Maintenance
An improperly maintained garage door could shut suddenly or have other operating problems. To ensure that your family is safe around your garage doors, you should make sure to have your garage doors maintained by a service professional at least once a year. Proper maintenance will keep your garage doors running smoothly and safely.

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