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Commercial Garage Door Repair in Houston

Your business relies on the function of your commercial garage doors every day. However, commercial overhead doors often work harder and longer than residential garage doors, putting them at higher risk for problems as wear and tear take their toll. At Star Overhead Doors, our garage door repair experts can help you keep your commercial garage doors in great shape—we offer garage door installation and commercial garage door repair in Houston to keep your business running smoothly.

The Importance of Commercial Garage Door Repair
Your garage doors are an outward reflection of your business. Just like the rest of your building’s exterior, your garage doors are highly visible and can affect the public’s opinion of your company and its image.

  • A damaged garage door affects the appearance of your business, regardless of how the rest of its’ exterior looks. Leaving your garage doors dented, scraped, or otherwise damaged gives clients the impression that you do not care about the image you project.
  • Damaged overhead doors can put your business at risk for theft or vandalism. Your garage doors secure your building, just like any other entryway—ignoring damage thus leaves your business vulnerable to unwanted access.
  • Garage door damage can affect your business’ ability to operate if the door ceases to function. If vehicles are unable to leave your garage, you may not be able to perform service calls, while in a residential building, your tenants may be unable to access their vehicles.

Three Common Commercial Garage Door Problems
Even if you have never had an issue with your garage door, it’s important to remain vigilant for signs of trouble. If you’re having problems with commercial garage doors or commercial gate opener systems near Houston, please call Star Overhead Doors at 281-936-0030 for professional commercial garage door repair.

  1. If your garage doors run on a metal track, this track must be aligned and secure for the door to operate properly. Damage to the tracks, debris on the tracks, or loose tracks caused by constant motion over time can cause your commercial garage doors to malfunction.
  2. Loud noises, such as pops, creaks, or squeals when the door lifts or lowers, indicate that the mechanical parts responsible for the door’s motion are in need of lubrication. If this problem is allowed to persist, it could cause severe damage to the door and its opener and require more major garage door repair.
  3. A garage door that won’t open may be caused by several factors, ranging from power problems to a broken spring or motor. Your commercial garage door repair service can quickly diagnose and solve the issue to restore normal garage door function.

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